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Got a dirty job? You need the Clean Team

Waikato Cleaning Supplies Ltd is your one stop shop for cleaning products and systems for all industries. Based in Hamilton, our huge showroom has something for everyone - commercial or domestic. We stock a wide range of cleaning products for your cleaning and sanitation needs.

Great Finds, Great Deals for All Your Cleaning Needs

With comprehensive industry knowledge, a large range of products in a huge showroom and fantastic service from dedicated staff, Waikato Cleaning Supplies Ltd is the place to come. With almost 30 years in the business and our very experienced Sales Representatives, we've got the answer to your cleaning problems.

Our cleaning supplies range from cleaning agents and disinfectants to toilet and bathroom essentials, insecticides, rubbish bins, vacuum cleaners, degreasers and everything in between. When you shop at Waikato Cleaning Supplies Ltd, you are sure that you are getting the best quality and value for money, as we source all the items in our inventory from trusted manufacturers here and abroad.

Give us a call, visit our fantastic showroom, or drop us an email to learn about the home, commercial and industrial cleaning supplies and equipment we offer in Hamilton.

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Deb has recently acquired the Stoko range. Keep an eye on here for the new & re-branded products, or contact us directly for further information and pricing on this range.

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Popular Products


Come in and check out our range of vacuum cleaners, including brands popular with commercial cleaners. We also have a great range of vacuum bags for a spectrum of different cleaners. Feel free to give us a call to see if we have the right bag for your machine before you come in.
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Having trouble with your vacuum not having the suction power it should? It may need a new filter or a general overhaul.

Our technician services a wide range of machinery. Vacuums, carpet machines, scrubbers, polishers and other electrical gear. OSH compliance checks for single phase electrical gear also available.

Contact us on 07 847 8344 now.